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We’ve just had some of our team come back from the latest WebCenter Portal partner training. Of course they’ve been raving about all the new features in fact it’s been hard to shut them up! WebCenter Portal is one of the four WebCenter components, the others being WebCenter Content (the old UCM), WebCenter Sites (the old FatWire) and WebCenter Social.

The four components are usually shown in the diagram below:

Oracle WebCenter

To my mind this diagram doesn’t really show how the components fit together or indeed why they fit together. There’s going to be a lot of connections between the components in fact a lot of the power of the platform is that the tools will be working together to form a coherent platform. Personally I think the diagram below gives a better view of how the bits and pieces fit in.

Oracle WebCenter Alternative View

You’ll notice that I’ve added another component in there, WebCenter Commerce. This represents the Oracle ATG application which is used for creating ecommerce sites. It’s not officially part of the WebCenter Suite but it can integrate with both WebCenter Content and WebCenter Sites so it would seem to fit into the picture quite nicely. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens…

About Hamish Buchanan

Hamish was an employee for 10 years at ECS and led the Oracle Business Unit in his final years with the company.

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