Top 5 new Google projects you might not know about

Google has always been at the forefront of exciting new technology and you might find it hard to keep up to date with the latest and greatest craze over at the ole Google HQ. So to help you out and condense it all down into easy-to-digest nuggets of tech news, today’s post will focus on the most recent top 5 Google innovations that are creating a buzz in the tech world.

  1. Google Project Glass and other wearable tech

    Google glasses

    If you haven’t heard of this story yet I’d be very surprised!! Google has only gone and created computerised glasses, well a prototype concept at least. It can record and stream video, display information such as email and texts all on a display via a small translucent screen above the wearer’s right eye. Could this revolutionise glasses and bring them into the 21st century? See the video below and make your own decision. I can’t help but feel that walking down a street, or driving a car, whilst trying to video call on your glasses might be slightly dangerous! This concept video shows off the full potential of what life would be like with Google Glass:

  2. Google Street view innovationsGoogle Street ViewGoogle just keep on innovating with their maps product and in this case it’s focusing on improving the street view experience. Not only have they started mapping out theme parks in the UK, such as Thorpe Park, and Chessington World of Adventures, they have added certain areas of Antarctica, such as Shackelton’s hut, to the list! There have also been wild rumours that Google are starting to map under the ocean.
  3. Google Drive, formerly known as Google Docs

    Google Drive

    Although Google docs still lives it is now part of a larger more important product, Google’s somewhat late answer to DropBox, called “Google Drive”. In a nutshell it is a cloud based storage service, however compared to DropBox it also provides rich document editing and collaboration functionality by leveraging existing technology from Google Docs. With up to 5GB of storage free, included in a standard Google account, and a 25GB upgrade costing as little as £2.00 per month it is a very tempting offer. Windows integration is also available so that your files appear on your desktop as usual, with the added bonus of being backed up securely in the cloud.  On top of all this your files sync automatically to all of your mobile devices allowing you to continue working on the go. All in all, another very strong product from Google and I already use it all the time. See this video for more information:

  4. Google self drive carsGoogle Driverless CarOne of the strangest and most surprising projects to come from the depths of Mountain View is their autonomous, self driving car. One of their promotional videos shows a blind man getting behind the wheel in the driver’s seat of a car and then calmly being driven around as he gets lunch at a drive-thru restaurant. The car works by using a sophisticated array of radars and lasers to map out the areas around the car and then passes the data to computers within the car that calculate which actions to perform. It’s able to read traffic lights, stop signs, pedestrians in the road, other cars stopping and incredibly in all directions! Even the U.S. state of Nevada has passed a law allowing the car to be driven on its roads. It’s incredibly exciting technology and could really revolutionise the way we drive, or are driven!
  5. Google+ Hangouts

     Google Hangouts


    This is a great little product that doesn’t get much praise in the media. It provides you with face-to-face video chat with anyone using the product on almost any device with a camera. The great thing about Hangouts is the simplicity of setting it up. You just have to install the software or application on your phone or tablet and hit the start hangout button. Then provided your internet connection is sufficient you are able to video chat for free until your heart’s content! It also provides screen sharing functionality on your PC dubbed “Hangouts with benefits”, which once again is as simple as point and click! Check out the product homepage for more information to get up and running and I promise you won’t regret it!

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