Top three UCM/WebCenter Content support issues

Here at ECS we provide a number of support contracts to our clients covering all aspects of Oracle WebCenter. I thought it would be interesting to highlight the top three support requests and more importantly how to resolve them.

Now, if your Oracle UCM/WebCenter Content server works perfectly and you never get any issues you probably don’t need this blog post. In that case why don’t you just take a look at this picture of us launching a rocket on a recent team building day and then go back to looking after your perfect system.


For the rest of you, here they are, our top UCM support issues and questions.

1. I checked in a document and it hasn’t appeared
This issue is actually more common than you might expect. There are normally three reasons why this might happen.

1. The document is in Workflow
2. The document hasn’t been converted
3. The item hasn’t been indexed

If your document is in workflow it won’t appear in the search results unless your workflow has been specifically configured to allow it. Also, you may not have access to it if you’re not the document approver. To locate the document you should be able to browse to Content Management -> Active Workflows and drill down until you find it. If you look at the Workflow Information it should tell you who it is waiting for approval from.

For the next two cases the document will be found in Work In Progress. If a document hasn’t been converted it will be in the GenWWW state. Conversion could fail for a number of reasons including timeouts or password protected files. The first thing to try is to resubmit the item. On the Actions menu item for the content you can get to the Content Information screen and from there you should see a conversion error and a resubmit button.


If the document is stuck in the Done status then it will have gone past the conversion stage and will be waiting for the indexer. Normally if you wait a little while the item will appear but sometimes it does need a nudge. In order to do this open the Repository Manager, find the item and right-click to select Resubmit. If that doesn’t work then you should check the status of the indexer and if necessary restart the incremental index. If you’re still having problems then you need to check the Indexer for issues. To do this increase the log level of the indexer and resubmit the content item. If any errors are found you will now see them in the logs. Finally, don’t forget to reset the log level back to normal otherwise things will start going really slowly.

2. My Content Server is going really slowly
Ok, I’ll say this straight off but this could be a tricky one to resolve. The Content Server is composed of a myriad of parts all working togeather to provide the full functionality. Performance issues can arise from any section so it’s important to drill down and find out what’s going on. However, before you do make sure you ask yourself these questions:

1. Has the performance always been bad or has it got worse?
2. If it’s got worse has this been a gradual process or did it happen suddenly?

Answering these questions should give you some pointers such as,

* if performance has always been bad it looks like an installation or customisation issue. I would check the memory settings first off because if they haven’t been altered you’ll be using the default settings which are pretty small
* if the performance suddenly got worse have a look for any patches or config entries which have been changed recently; finally;
* if the performance has gradually deterioated then this points towards a load issue either with the number of document or the number of users

The Oracle support site has a great article about resolving performance issues. Sign in to My Oracle Support and take a look at article: 744963.1

3. Check out and Open isn’t working
Check Out and Open is a neat component which lets you click on a document link, open it in Word and save your changes back to the Content Server all without needing to check the document out and in again. However there is an issue with Check Out And Open and Office 2010. Office 2010 requires webdav over ssl, so you need to do a little tweaking to UCM to allow this. Follow these steps:
1. Set UseSSL=Yes in the config.cfg file (or set via the Admin server).
2. In IIS enable the SSL port (443), install a certificate and disable non SSL access.
3. Restart IIS and UCM.
After configuring SSL the system should be thorougly retested to ensure there are no dependencies on http paths (that have moved to https).
Points to note:
1. You will need to ensure that the environment is accessible both internally and over the existing SSL connection
2. Users may have bookmarked non SSL URLs. Consider providing a mapping/rewrite so that non SSL URLs are transparently mapped to the SSL port.
To revert to non-SSL usage:
1. Set UseSSL=No in the config.cfg file
2. In IIS enable non-SSL access
3. Restart IIS and UCM

Do you support a WebCenter Content/UCM application? If so tell us what your top issues are in the comments below.

If you’re looking for support for an Oracle UCM system or you’re interested in upgrading to the latest WebCenter Content environment please get in contact.

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Hamish was an employee for 10 years at ECS and led the Oracle Business Unit in his final years with the company.

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