Team building day

ECS group photo

ECS team with the four rockets

Earlier this week ECS locked up the office and we headed outdoors for a team building day off. Split into four teams (cleverly named “Team 1″, “Team 2″, “Team 3″, “Team 4″, we are a creative bunch!), we competed in a series of events that were so testosterone-based, I thought I was crashing someone’s stag party.


Hamish driving a tank

The morning started with driving mini tanks and segways (okay, a nerd’s stag party). The segways were particularly fun and I was disappointed to learn they are close to £5k and illegal to ride on UK roads/pavements.


Cam watching Tom on the segway

After a plentiful lunch, we returned outside to compete in a beer keg race and rocket launching.

beer keg race

Nigel driving a beer keg

One great lesson of the day was that Team 3 members should not be involved in any Research and Development activities at ECS as their rocket failed to go further than 3 yards despite multiple “improvements” and their blatant IP infringement of Team 2′s winning rocket design.

Rocket launching

Team 4 rocket launch

Team 2 was the overall winner (of which I was a member… thank you, thank you) of the day and enjoyed a celebratory bottle of bubbly! All in all it was a great day out and a nice break from the computer monitors. Huge thanks to Rebecca for organising it and Hi5 for hosting!

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