Rexam Case Study

Creating a channel for open innovation amongst your workforce is a staple for any innovative company – it allows you to tap into a huge consumer base that has a genuine interest in the business. ECS made the vital step between our imagined solution and the delivered solution as seamless as possible. Their efforts to understand us properly as an organisation made the difference.
Jon Alder, Group Director of Lean Enterprise, Innovation, Physical Risk

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Rexam is one of the leading consumer packaging companies in the world. In keeping with its leadership position and its aim to deliver value to its customers, Rexam approached ECS with plans for an idea generation website to inspire and capture employee creativity for future packaging innovations.

The aim of the website was to act as an online suggestion box and single repository of internal product ideas of the 22,000 employees.

Key drivers included workflow capability to filter and promote ideas through five stages of screening, availability in eight languages, frequent feedback of idea status through emails, ability of online tracking, secure access for full idea details and high level reporting for management review (available on Blackberry).



After developing a functional specification, ECS worked with Rexam to establish different routes of idea generation. Having identified a range of end-users from factory workers to senior management, ECS created an engaging and intuitive website fit for employees of any computer ability.

ECS worked with a third party design company to match functional requirements with inspiring design, resulting in the user-friendly and feature-rich “be inspired” website.



The website was launched to over 22,000 employees in 22 countries and is available in 8 languages. After one year the website contained 300 ideas and it had an encouraging amount of employee participation. The “be inspired” website has helped employee participation in the development of future products, process improvements and safety awareness.