Iris KYC

What is Iris-KYC?

IRIS-KYC solution assists securities firms to reduce time of client onboarding by up to 80%, eliminate paper and remove manual steps. Iris-KYC solution is designed with flexibility to meet an organisation’s business activities and integrate with core banking systems whilst meeting stringent compliance regulations. IRIS-KYC can be integrated into an organisation’s core systems or sit alongside existing financial applications for batch processing of documents and data.

Does this sound familiar?

  • On-boarding process takes a long time and sometimes isn’t completed
  • Client documentation is difficult to organise
  • Paper images need to be captured and processed
  • Multiple users need to approve or be notified about items
  • Systems are hard to use, difficult to adapt and require complex configuration
  • Users can’t track where items are in the system and who needs to work on them next

How can Iris-KYC help?

  • KYC & AML checks
  • Mail Room managemnet & correspondence tracking
  • Clear, easy to use interface is suitable for different types of users
  • Workflow, tasks, checklist, triggered alerts for compliance checking
  • Signature checking
  • System can be configured by Business Users
  • Full audit trail and search facilities allows items to be easily located and tracked

Download Iris-KYC brochure

  • Document viewer

    The solution provides instant viewing of the original scanned document which saves time and provides extra security by checking the original source.

  • Reporting

    Reporting is provided with easy-to-view colour coding systems to instantly notify users of any alerts.

  • Individual check

    Integration with identity check systems (such as Experian) to seamlessly provide the individual checking within seconds.

  • Communications history

    History of communications with username and date/time stamp provided.

  • Entity Checking/Verification

    Easy to track entity checking and verification with audit of sources checked.