What is Hera?

Hera is a case management solution to support content-based business activity. It is a highly configurable and flexible solution that is designed to meet the needs of many business activities across multiple industries. Hera uses the “case folder” metaphor to capture and organise your content in a way that is meaningful to your business. Hera makes full use of your existing investment in the Oracle content management platform to deliver a solution that provides a holistic view of business information in your organisation.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Scattered content including emails, phone messages, images, faxes, documents, all related to one topic
  • Ad hoc teams need a secure place to store and collaborate on cases/projects
  • Multiple tools (instant messenger, email, web meetings) used to share and discuss cases/project
  • Need to collaborate and discuss content, not just store it
  • Want to keep content within the business context

How can Hera help?

  • Improve effectiveness with a consistent view of information around key business processes
  • Improve productivity of teams by using common interface and approach to collaborate on business activities across the enterprise
  • Improve business agility by using a flexible and configurable solution to handle diverse business activity
  • Intuitive interface means rapid business deployment with minimal training overhead
  • Provides a solid foundation for meeting records and regularity requirements

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  • Easy document access

    Flexible document organisation to suit all case types. Use folders, categories and colors to classify documents and search is provided.

  • Compliance

    Provides audit functionality to support compliance needs. Powerful reporting capability to assist with management of business activity and monitoring.

  • Easy and devolved maintenance

    Built-in support for team, task and activity management. Control the roles, rights and team members easily.

  • Highly configurable

    Case administrators control templates to match case requirements. All features are customisable to suit different business processes within an organisation.

  • Improve employee efficiency

    Enable business activity by simplifying processes. Hera provides workflows for initiating, monitoring, and reporting business activities.

  • Case-centric view

    Provide users with information and resources within the context they are intended. Users can sign up for notifications on all case actions.