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What is Edge?

Edge is an enterprise search solution that returns results from multiple sources and displays them meaningfully. It saves time by allowing you to search just once and receive results from all of your systems. It provides visibility by surfacing information you may not have known existed. It improves the value of your information by pairing it with relevant data and presenting it simultaneously.

We have harnessed the benefits of semantic technologies to digest and understand your information, categorise it appropriately and return it within context. Powered by the Google Search Appliance (GSA), Edge delivers information from your company’s numerous information silos, providing greater insight to your management.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Need to search across multiple systems to find information
  • Poor metadata
  • Would like to see documents/images at the same time as key data figures
  • Lack true enterprise search
  • Require more user-friendly presentation of search

How can Edge help?

  • Provide entity extraction from your information
  • Accurately tag your content
  • Create one index of your information
  • Enhance your search results with relevant key data, based on the search requested
  • Give users more intuitive presentation of results
  • Improve the experience with dynamic filters


Demo video

To understand more about how Edge works, please see our demo video which showcases Edge for use in a football club. Contact us to see an online demo of Edge used in other industries, such as Banking, Engineering, Insurance or Oil & Gas.


Key Features

  • Simple search

    Edge extends the simplicity of Google search by providing users with a familiar interface and useful features such as suggested queries.

  • Video search

    Video clips are available and tagged with metadata to provide useful filtered searching.

  • Inline video

    You can view videos and expand to full screen, without leaving the Edge solution.

  • File preview

    Roll over results to see thumbnail previews, so you can scroll through before making your selection.

  • Data panel

    Edge provides a combination of search results from file systems, news sources and returns them with key data from your organisation's systems.

  • External news

    External news sources are searched in addition to internal content, saving valuable time in searching individual sites.