Systems Architecture & Integration

ECS has experience of designing Content Management systems ranging from single box solutions to fully capable, highly available implementations. We are able to discuss the pros and cons of different designs and explain the long term impact of different options. ECS can help you define a resilient architecture to suit your requirements. We always insist on the highest standards of technical design and documentation.

The areas of Systems Architecture in which we can help you are:

  • Content Management platforms
  • SOA architecture
  • Database design
  • Failover and redundancy
  • Portal implementation
  • Clustering and caching technologies
  • Backup strategy
  • Security and Single-sign-on

Large organisations use a multitude of business systems to deliver services to their staff and customers.  At ECS our focus on enterprise level content management platforms within complex organisations means we realise that effective integration is often an essential component to a successful implementation.


Specifically, our systems integration approach and expertise is driven by:

  • Blue-chip focus- With a background that is predominantly blue-chip based, ECS has considerable experience building content management solutions that can integrate with existing systems and infrastructure.
  • Standards Driven- ECS uses content management products with an open architecture.  We are committed to an open, service orientated approach using Java and .NET technologies.
  • Best of breed systems- ECS is a centre of excellence for EMC, Oracle and Microsoft’s content management platforms.  Combined with our knowledge of middleware and database products from BEA, Oracle and Microsoft ECS is well placed to deliver robust, enterprise class solutions.
  • Legacy content integration – ECS has particular expertise integrating third party and legacy systems which create content but cannot manage it.