Oracle ATG

Oracle ATG is a leading commerce platform with powerful tools to personalise and manage the online buying experience. The product can be enhanced by integration with a content management system to handle images, textual content and rich media, such as banners. This allows Oracle ATG to focus on what it’s good at, i.e. helping users to find products, learn about new offerings and guiding them through the purchasing experience. Meanwhile the content management system can be used to provide the assets to support Oracle ATG promotions, static content and even products.

ECS is an expert in the integration of Content Management technologies with Oracle ATG. The use of a feature rich CMS product with Oracle ATG can greatly enhance the publishing and merchandising experience.

ECS has developed an integration between its Oracle WebCenter-based Media Bank product which allows users to publish approved rich media into the ATG Repository. Media bank provides tools for batch upload and approval of assets in an accessible user interface. Publishing into ATG assigns metadata to the assets and automatically creates an ATG workflow for approval and deployment.