“Your knowledge workers are spending 30% of their time searching but not actually finding the information that they need”

It is common among many companies today to house vast stores of corporate knowledge across multiple repositories, and accessed through a variety of intranet portals. It is however this corpus of knowledge however where most of your business value exists representing your intellectual capital and unique propositions. Gaining faster and more accurate access to this intellectual property and reduce the amount of time spent looking for the right information, can help transform enterprise information into business advantage.

Search is a key component of an organisation’s IT strategy and we are proud to partner with Google to offer our clients the best in search solutions. We have a dedicated team of Google consultants that can help your business organise its information, make it securely accessible and promote its usefulness across the enterprise.

Google Enterprise Search

Using the power of Google’s latest search technologies, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a leading Enterprise Search solution that offers built-in flexibility, a straightforward deployment architecture, and automatically tuned hardware/software. It contains powerful IT tools around content ingest, security rules, and administration, and integrates with common enterprise applications and major security protocols. The GSA is set to provide the ultimate in Enterprise Search and provide a compelling user experience. Simply put, it’s ‘’ in a box!

“The Google Search Appliance (GSA) brings fast, relevant search to your website or intranet, whether you index thousands, millions, or even billions of documents. With increased administrative customization options and the ability to scale across all of the content you search, the GSA is Google’s most powerful search solution” (Google, 2010).

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Whats new in Version 7.2?

Launched in February 2014, version 7.2 of the Google Search Appliance is the latest installment of this leading enterprise search solution. Some new and improved features include:

  • Sorting by metadata
  • Enhanced Entity Recognition
  • New Admin console
  • Wildcard search
  • Easier connector building

Benefits of the GSA

  • Higher capacity index, up to 10 million docs for one appliance.
  • Free connectors available for SharePoint, Documentum, File Systems and most Databases.
  • Advanced security techniques: SSO, Kerberos and SAML
  • Dynamic navigation Capabilities
  • Advanced result biasing
  • Mirroring capabilities for high availability
  • Easily scalable for increased index capacity

How Does this Benefit Your Business?

Stakeholders can be confident that the Google Search solution will enable users to rapidly embrace the solution resulting in demonstrable business benefits, such as higher productivity, greater control, with reduced costs and risks. Google is determined to provide its customers with the highest value, most intuitive end-user experience, with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. To extend this search platform to the Enterprise, Google used simple solutions to address complex problems. The technology that powers was put to work in a straightforward package: a plug-and-play search solution integrating hardware, software, and support.

This innovative, automated approach achieves an important operational and financial benefit: even as it simplifies search for end users, it takes the burden of organising information off the administrator. Optimised for compatibility and easy, rapid deployment, “Google in a box” presents a simple face to users and administrators alike – without sacrificing the power and sophistication of Google search technology.

Google Enterprise Partner

As a certified Google partner we have the resources in place to provide excellent services in all aspects of Google Enterprise Search. The ranges of services that we provide are as follows:

  • Data Analysis- Our specialised enterprise search team is able to make sense of your content and prepare it for integration with the GSA so that you are able to fully leverage all features that it has to offer.
  • Consultation– we can utilise our skills and experience to help you make the right decisions when it comes to enterprise search. We can discuss the best practices and explain all the features of the GSA.
  • Proof of concept projects- we are in a unique position to provide a GSA Proof of Conceptso that you can test the full product in your own environment with very limited cost and effort.
  • Management– Our certified and experienced project managers will be on hand to ensure that delivery of the GSA is as smooth and trouble free as possible.
  • Detailed Implementation Plans– We provide customised implementation procedures and pre-installation considerations so that you are able to understand what is involved before committing to purchasing.
  • Customised UX– We can tailor and customise the user experience so that it fits seamlessly into your business. By using the latest design philosophies and principles you can rest assured that the end users will be impressed with the GSA.
  • GSA Connectors– The GSA connects to many popular content repositories out of the box, however we have a team in place ready to create a connector should it not exist.
  • Optimisation and Tuning– We run post installation review programmes that will analyse the statistics of all the searches performed by users to determine how effective and efficient it is and will make recommendations on which areas can be fine tuned.
  • Training – Our varied training sessions cater for every aspect of the GSA from the detailed administration features to end user training to increase business acceptance.