ECS appreciates that the retail sector is a highly competitive industry with companies continually reducing their costs, increasing their margins and looking for new business opportunities. Our retail solutions are designed to allow knowledge workers to share and access information quickly and easily. This helps organisations to reduce costs, identify new business opportunities and react quickly to changing markets.

We help retail companies with our solution range to reduce costs and overheads, enabling them to achieve significant savings.


  • Retail Events tracking
  • Tradeshows
  • Promotions and Offers
  • New Product Development
  • Product Catalogue
  • New Store Planning
  • Health and Insurance Regulations


New Look logoECS began working with New Look in 2009 to deliver the ECS Staff Directory solution within a short timeline.  We continue working with New Look to develop an intranet to include other ECS Solutions such as MediaStore, Calendar and Collaborate.


We have been the primary provider of Oracle UCM consulting, intranet development and consulting since 2005 for Kingfisher.  Our deliverables included Staff Directory and MediaStore solutions for Kingfisher and its B&Q stores.


Since 2003, ECS has worked with Sabre to deliver invoice processing solutions and services.  We have also provided solutions for two of its travel services websites- Travelocity and