Public Sector

The Public Sector marketplace covers a number of bodies from central government departments, through agencies and local government institutions.  The challenges facing these organisations are diverse however it is clear that for many activities the efficient and effective handling of data and content is key.  This has been reinforced by several central government initiatives, including the Gershon Review and freedom of information legislation, which seek to gain operational efficiencies and transparency in dealings with the public.

It is our view that existing efforts have often focussed too much on the process and the data that surrounds public sector activities without giving sufficient weight to the documents and content generated by the process.

ECS has helped organisations to scope and prioritise their content problems, build the business case and deliver real improvements to those who need to work with, organise and discover content.  We achieved this through a suite of complementary solutions that address content capture, storage and integration with existing back office systems.  This approach allows us to present content in context that aligns with existing work practices and processes as well as providing the flexibility to present the same content to new audiences or different contexts.


ECS provides expertise from concepts and business case planning through to a solution set targeted at meeting the needs of many case based document centric activities.

  • Planning Control
  • Social Services
  • Clinical Records
  • Websites


Kew asked ECS to help re-launch its website in celebration of its 250th anniversary.  The result ( includes an interactive Global Map, Garden Map, MediaStore and Events Calendar (using the ECS Calendar solution).  The website delivers impressive images and information in an engaging format and the website is easy for staff to maintain.

Arts Council England logo
Since 2007, ECS has been the intranet application developer and integration partner for Arts Council England.  We have developed its intranet with multiple website applications linked from it including Staff Directory, Calendar, Collaborate, MediaStore and Manager Communication solutions.


ECS initially worked with Newport City Council to develop a business case for their content management strategy. Subsequently ECS implemented a solution for the Planning Services department that integrated content generated by their existing back-office system and paper mail into one view. By successfully consolidating documents from a number of sources across a number of processes Council staff were able to view all documents electronically and in context for the first time. The immediacy of content, the fact that it reflected the up-to-date view of the process, coupled with a clean but feature rich user interface meant staff were able to work effectively with documents.