Financial Services

Financial services organisations aim to achieve continuously increasing profit and growth targets in a highly competitive and challenging market. ECS has services and solutions to help meet regulatory requirements including data privacy, retention, transparency and accountability. We provide opportunities for increased efficiency, improved processes and better risk management. We specialise in assisting organisations with thier KYC client onboarding process and we’ve recently released a version of our Edge solution for the financial services market.


Our service offering includes consulting and solutions for banking and insurance. Our strategic services address content management of unstructured data for your organisation’s enterprise requirements.



ECS is currently working with Prudential implementing Google Search Appliance (GSA).
From early 2009, ECS has helped CCLA with its document scanning and processing needs. We have fully implemented our Iris scanning solution and integrated it with third party applications at CCLA. This solution, coupled with Oracle Document Capture (ODC) scanning software, enables CCLA to achieve increased volumes of daily document processing.


Aviva Investors engaged ECS in the beginning of 2012 to upgrade its content publishing platform and refresh its public facing website.

ECS worked with Charles Stanley Direct to improve online search with the use of the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and greatly reduces IT involvement previously required.