Upgrade to Oracle WebCenter Sites

Benefits of upgrading from Fatwire to WebCenter Sites

Oracle WebCenter Sites is a market leading Web Experience Management tool and part of the Oracle WebCenter suite. Sites originated from the Oracle acquisition of FatWire but have now been rebranded and upgraded with many new features.

WebCenter Sites is optimised for delivering engaging sites. Online merchandisers and marketers are provided with state of the art tools for publishing content. The contributor tool simplifies content authoring and reuse across the site.

A key feature of WebCenter Sites is the ability to engage with customers and provide targeted content based on user profiles. WebCenter Sites is capable of delivering content to multiple channels from browsers to smartphones and tablets. The Sites infrastructure is highly optimised and scalable to support high volumes and rapid publishing.


Why Upgrade?

One of the main reasons for upgrading to the latest version of WebCenter Sites is to make use of the many new features. As well as re branding the FatWire product to WebCenter Sites, it has also been upgraded and enhanced. The main focus of these enhancements has been usability.

For existing FatWire customers many of the reasons to upgrade will be obvious however there are other reasons which may not be so clear. One of these is the fact that WebCenter Sites is supplied with a limited use WebCenter Content license. This license can be extended open up a wealth of new features to Sites/FatWire users.



New Features

 The new key features that can be expected from Oracle WebCenter Sites include:

  • New modern look and feel.
  • New tab based user interface that simplifies contribution.
  • Improved support for drag and drop allows content to be dragged to asset forms and page slots.
  • A new search results view which allows results to be docked for quick access and dragging onto pages.
  • Improved search capabilities.
  • Improved approval process allows asset dependencies to be approved with the asset itself.
  • Better support for bulk operations including delete, approval and bookmarking.

As well as these features, the Sites product is now more closely aligned with other Oracle products. This includes integration with products such as WebCenter Portal,WebCenter Content and Oracle Real Time Decisions. Upgrading to WebCenter Sites provides access to these products and well as ensuring that your implementation is in line with the Oracle Roadmap.


Maximising Returns

The new release of Oracle WebCenter Sites is part of the Oracle WebCenter Suite of products. The Sites license includes a limited-use license for WebCenter Content. The license can be extended to the full WebCenter Content product which provides core Content Management capabilities such as version control, security, image renditions and content conversion. The use of third party tools can open up these features to Sites and enhance its capabilities to provide enterprise content handling.

An example of these features in use can be seen in the ECS MediaStore product. MediaStore is a WebCenter Content-based solution which provides rich asset management for the enterprise. MediaStore is fully integrated with WebCenter Sites so that Sites can now have access to bulk media  handling and collaboration tools.  Find out more about MediaStore here                                                                                            


MediaStore-Sites Integration

Key Points

  • WebCenter Sites is supplied with a limited use WebCenter Content License
  • License can be extended to provide access to the DAM features of WebCenter Content
  • WebCenter Content can be used to provide image handling features

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