Network Rail Case Study

The solution went live earlier this year and the result has been that the legal department is now able to manage and mitigate any risk of anti-bribery claims. There has been a significant administrative overhead reduction and the users have not needed training, but were able to start using the application from day one. ECS’s solution has provided Network Rail with a great benefit in terms of transparency and efficiency.

Iza Grad, Transparency and Ethics Advisor, Network Rail

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Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd is owner and operator of Great Britain’s rail infrastructure. Having received a Government mandate to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of railway, Network Rail has been helping to restore public confidence in the safeness and security of railway since 2002.

With a working relationship of over eight years and the implementation of anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation (UK Bribery Act 2010), Network Rail approached ECS to develop an internal system that would not only be built in time and satisfy this new legislature but was also user-friendly and easily integrated into existing systems. With this in mind, the iCompliance was born.



The iCompliance solution is a highly effective and intuitive management system that provides a transparent way of logging and assessing declarations of conflicts of interest and of gifts exchanged between an organisation and related 3rd parties.

Built on the SharePoint platform, it provides full-text search facilities enabling users to easily locate their content, as well as features full integration with the Microsoft Office suite and Active Directory. Resultantly, the solution requires minimal set up and user training.

Users can raise declarations, assign metadata and documents as well as leave notes relevant to their line manager. Users also benefit from being able to create their own personalised views of their declarations, providing a quick and convenient way to access their most important/relevant content or even run their own reports.

iCompliance features full approval/workflow routing which determines which managers/user groups to email based on the type of declaration raised, along with a flexible and scalable security model to suit the needs of Network Rail.

Lastly, key business users are able to run usage reports against the solution, and also view audit logging information to ensure data integrity and standards are maintained. Key users were also able to view a full audit/lifecycle history of each individual declaration raised in iCompliance, ultimately allowing any potential breach of legislation to be tracked and dealt with efficiently.



ECS’ integration of iCompliance has efficiently allowed Network Rail to fulfill its regulatory and legal obligations through an approach that is relevant and accessible for all employees to use. The user-friendly interface not only encourages employees to document gift exchanges or potential conflicts of interest where necessary, but also allows any breach of legislation to be tracked quickly and therefore dealt with competently. Furthermore, in a business environment where the regulatory landscape is often fast-changing, the iCompliance can be easily adapted to suit all future business compliance needs, ultimately helping to keep Network Rail liability free for the foreseeable future.