MediaStore-Bulk Actions



With a variety of digital asset types spread across multiple sites, it’s difficult to keep control of the assets and share them across the organisation.

What is MediaStore?

MediaStore is an Oracle WebCenter application developed by Extended Content Solutions (ECS). MediaStore allows business users to collaborate internally and with external parties to produce and approve rich media for publication. It is a centrally-located repository for digital assets that provides easy ability to update, search, download, track and share images with employees, customers and suppliers. The application is based on Oracle WebCenter which provides underlying features such as security, version control and content conversion. MediaStore provides a rich user interface with advanced features to enable true Digital Asset Management (DAM) for the enterprise.



Rich Media Management for Your Enterprise

MediaStore is designed with ease of use in mind. However, underneath the rich user interface lie powerful tools for enterprise rich media management.

  • Ensure that staff and agencies have access to approved logos and banners pre-formatted to the renditions they require
  • Allow business users to set up groups and control access to them
  • Search by keywords
  • Collaborate with third party agencies and allow complete jobs or campaigns to be approved
  • Publish approved images to other systems such as Oracle Commerce or other repositories
  • Bulk upload and approval of media
  • Embargo images to reserve them for a campaign

How Can you Use MediaStore?

  • When uploaded, digital assets are rendered into different sizes for different uses; configuration is easy to administrate
  • All items are searchable by metadata using quick search or advanced search
  • Assets are attached to permission forms for copyright compliancy
  • Downloaded images are tracked and usage is recorded
  • You can control who can upload and access images
  • Automatically serve website images from the image bank
  • Set mandatory metadata to upload company or legal requirements

Think ‘OUT OF the BOX’ Integration….

Our MediaStore solution provides an easy to use and enhanced user interface for Oracle WebCenter Content’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities and extended WebCenter Content’s DAM functionality to ATG Commerce and WebCenter Site platforms. MediaStore will publish media either directly to the target repository or to a shared file system. This ensures that responsibility for page delivery remains with site publishing tool and that the assets can be used for recommendations and personalisation. The Integration with WebCenter Sites and ATG Commerce will also allow Merchandisers to manage their artwork and campaign material in a dedicated system while still making full use of the publishing platform capabilities.

We believe that MediaStore, together with the WebCenter platform, provides a true enterprise class Digital Asset Management solution

MediaStore also provides a set of full documented SOAP based web-services for full integration with other systems and provides services such as search, metadata retrieval and delivery of assets or their renditions. This can all be surrounded around a tight security model to ensure only trusted systems can access media.



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Key Features

  • Audit Logs

    Administrators are able to see a full history of what’s happened in MediaStore, from who has uploaded assets, to who has downloaded them.

  • Galleries

    Users can create and manage collections of media by creating Galleries. They can add any number of images, audio or video to a Gallery, and choose to share it with specific users, teams, or keep it private so it’s just visible to them.

  • Bulk Actions

    Quickly perform batch operations, by selecting assets in the search results, and using the bulk action buttons. This lets users upload, approve, update and download multiple assets in one operation.

  • Video

    Upload video of virtually any format, and have it automatically converted into any number of different formats and stored in MediaStore.

  • Uploading

    Set common metadata fields for a group of images and upload in batches. Use the simple drag-and-drop feature to upload more than one image

  • Security

    Ensure the quality of images meets your organisation’s standards by restricting upload access and enabling workflow. Set mandatory image detail requirements to ensure metadata is recorded.

  • Metadata & Renditions

    Images are automatically rendered into predefined formats, sizes and colours. Define metadata fields for digital assets to tag content and search efficiency.

  • Search Results

    View search results with in a variety of formats from thumbnail only to minimal metadata and full list view. The thumbnail slider lets users adjust the size of thumbnails to suit their own monitor resolution.

  • Multilingual Interface

    MediaStore provides a multilingual interface, out of the box it is supplied with English, French and Flemish but additional languages can be supported via language files.

  • Jobs

    Create collaboration areas where internal staff and third party suppliers can work together to create new artwork and assets.

  • Downloading

    Users can quickly download zip files of assets, choosing which rendition of each asset they want in the zip.

  • Cropping

    Images can be cropped using free-form or predefined aspect ratios. The crop output can replace the current image or be checked in as a new item. Relationships are maintained between images so you can always identify the original item.

  • Copyright Handling

    Ensure each asset has owner consent before allowing its usage in the organisation. Receive automatic notification of any asset nearing the end of its copyright agreement.