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Edge launch event

Mollie Luckhurst, ECS

Last year saw the launch of Edge at Google UK’s headquarters. Edge is a collaborative project between ECS, Prozone and Google. Powered by the impressive Google Search Appliance (GSA) technology, this exciting new search solution is designed to minimise the 25% of time which the average employee currently spends searching for information.


Edge allows us to search and consolidate a number of different resources simultaneously, eliminating the need for lengthy and laborious searching process. Edge is designed to save time and unify information and has been highly anticipated both within the sports industry and elsewhere.

Tony Strudwick presentation

Tony Strudwick, Manchester United

Over 70 representatives from within the sports industry attended the launch of Edge. Club secretaries, analysts, sports scientists and CEOs were all in attendance and excited to see the applications of a system like Edge within a sporting environment. Alongside staff from rugby, cricket and tennis clubs, Manchester United’s Head of Sports Science Tony Strudwick was in attendance to discuss the importance of departmental efficiency. Tony spoke at length on the collection and use of performance information, a process which Edge has been designed to make far quicker and easier.


However, the uses of Edge aren’t confined to the sporting industry. Edge can be used in any situation where multiple and large collections of information need to be searched through in a quick and convenient manner. From banking to broadcasting, engineering to insurance, Edge reduces the need to perform multiple manual searches or to ask others for assistance.

So, exactly how are things made easier under Edge?

  • All information is stored in one central index
  • Content can be tagged for easy searching
  • Seamless integration of company data with multimedia and live news reports
  • Dynamic filters to specify the type of information, the individual or department concerned, and much more
  • Predictive search based on previous queries, just like a Google web search

Edge launch event Google Glass

Google Glass — David Keene, Google

Edge is ideal for any business or organisation requiring the speedy finding of information from a multitude of different sources. Staff can review past performances, company activity and industry news from a single dashboard, in a way that is unified, in context and fast.

Here at ECS we have received a great amount of interest in Edge, which is why it has taken us so long to blog about it! If you were unable to make it to our launch event, then you may be interested in the demo video which provides a basic overview of Edge’s capabilities within a sporting environment.

To discuss what Edge can do for your own business, please contact us.

About Mollie Luckhurst

Mollie is a Business Development Manager at ECS and the Information Governance Business Unit lead.

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