Hello (blogging) world!

Yipee! ECS is blogging!

Here you will find our thoughts on ECM, industry news, interesting technical tips and updates on ECS. We aim to have interviews with clients, industry experts and even employees (just to see how happy they are!). We’ll do our best to make this an interesting read and possibly even enjoyable… because, yes, we believe content management is fun.

We have a great team of dedicated developers who will share some of their knowledge and opinions through this blog. Here is a brief introduction of some of the team who will be posting:

Hamish Buchanan



Hamish Buchanan ECS employee for eight years, principal consultant and general content management guru.

Mollie Luckhurst Mollie Luckhurst ECS employee for four years, project manager and involved with business development.

Darren Johnson Darren Johnson ECS employee for three years, consultant and, in addition to his great development work, he’s our UI enthusiast.

Be sure to bookmark this blog, email your friends and subscribe to updates either by RSS or emails. We would love to hear your thoughts– you can comment on posts or email us directly at [email protected] to share your feedback or suggest future topics.

About Mollie Luckhurst

Mollie is a Business Development Manager at ECS and the Information Governance Business Unit lead.

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