Happy GSA 7.0 Day

    HAPPY GSA 7.0 DAY    

If you didn’t already see the breaking news, version 7.0 of the GSA has now been released. Google recently announced it on their enterprise blog, you can see the main article here:


You might be wondering what this actually means for your business. Over the last couple of months great innovations have been trickling out in the form of minor releases, however this is the first major release since 2009, that’s three whole years! . If you think back what google.com was like three years ago you’d scarcely recognise it! All of the best features that the google.com engineers have been tirelessly working on have been handpicked and implemented into the GSA along with enterprise specific functionality. I’ll highlight what I think are some of the best and I’m only scratching the surface!


Entity Recognition

One of the most exciting new features is Entity Recognition. This sophisticated feature allows you to use existing, or upload custom, taxonomy lists which are then used to examine the content of documents as it is being indexed thus enriching it with additional metadata. This provides the GSA with automatic content classification abilities which, when coupled with dynamic navigation, gives users powerful tools to find the content they really want.



Document Preview

This idea has been taken straight from google.com. When you hover over a link in the search results a preview of that content appears in a pop up window. This means you never have to leave the search results page to see if the content you are about to click on is the one you need. The google.com feature works by showing the webpage as a preview, but the GSA goes even further than that by allowing you to preview PDF and Microsoft Word documents. Still not content, well you can page through the whole document and see highlighted areas of the document that relate to your search term.



A lot of work has gone into further improving the already well established connector framework, with many of the most popular connectors getting a complete overhaul. The SharePoint connector has been optimised and tweaked so that it can take into account all the new features from SP2010. Major construction work has also been going on under the covers of the Documentum connector so that it is able to increase the speed of indexing and also maintain a deeper level of Access Control list permissions.



Another great feature taken from Google.com, the GSA now has the capability to allow translation of search result snippets directly from the results page. Imagine you have millions of documents from across the globe in many different languages, the power of Google translate is now directly embedded into the GSA which opens up content to everyone in your business no matter which language they speak.


I have only scratched the surface in this post by explaining just a handful of the great new innovations you can expect in GSA 7.0 and there is so much more. Features like increased index sizes, more language support and UI changes are all in the works and all of this is available as a completely free upgrade for existing customers! It will be shipping very soon so keep your eyes open as you don’t want to miss it!!!

If you are currently a Google Mini customer, see our updated whitepaper for GSA 7.0 migration.

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