Google Search Appliance FAQ’s

Google Mini isn’t supported anymore?

Don’t worry just yet! Google will honour existing Google Mini contracts until they expire.  At that point they will not be renewable.

Why should we upgrade to GSA?

Apart from the reason stated above, you can expect enhanced functionality over the Mini.  The GSA hardware is newer, faster and more robust which means you can enjoy the ultimate in search experience and relevancy.

What new features we can expect?

Faceted Search: Allows people to drill down into results so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

Index any data source (not just web content): The GSA can index almost any system or repository available today.  Its on-board connectors require very little administration in order to search content from databases, Sharepoint and file systems.

Security: The GSA has an extremely robust security feature when compared to the Mini.  As well as all the basic security features of the Mini, the GSA additionally posseses Enterprise Single Sign-On functionality which provides users with a seamless system to work with when searching accross secure content (download our free WhitePaper for more security features)

How do the various licensing offers work?

The GSA, like the Mini is an all-in-one hardware, software, and support solution that can be licensed for either two or three years. The pricing model of the search appliance is based on the number of documents in the index, starting with a license count of 500,000 documents.

What about the GSS?

Google Site Search (GSS) is an option which will be suitable for some Mini customers, but it has its limitations.  Some of the key features are:

  • it is a hosted solution so there is no hardware
  • pricing is based on searches performed as well as items you index

Drawbacks in comparison to GSA:

  • no robust security features
  • not able to crawl databases
  • unable to use connectors to crawl other systems (SharePoint, CMS, etc)

Who is ECS?

Extended Content Solutions (ECS) is a Google Enterprise Search partner.  We have extensive knowledge in content management and enterprise search, enabling us to offer our clients the best solutions and services in information governance and search.