Google Search Appliance (GSA) Event

It’s already been a busy year for our team at ECS and with the addition of adding ‘Google Enterprise Partners’ to our list of expertise last December it’s all hands on deck. Although not new to the concept of Enterprise Search, we wasted no time in putting our new partnership straight to work organising our first Google event.


In July this year Google announced its discontinuation of the Google Mini to enable focused developments on its Enterprise Search ‘baby’, the Google Search Appliance. The Google Search Appliance (a.k.a. the GSA) is a leading Enterprise Search solution that offers built-in flexibility, a straightforward deployment architecture, and automatically tuned hardware/software. It contains powerful IT tools around content ingest, security rules, and administration, and integrates with common enterprise applications and major security protocols. The GSA is set to provide the ultimate in Enterprise Search, featuring the best of the latest Google technologies to provide a compelling user experience as always reflected within Google’s products- would you expect anything less!?

The main purpose of our event was to clarify the current situation to existing Google Mini owners and highlight the many benefits the GSA will bring to their organisations. Hosting the event in Google’s swanky new HQ, attendees were welcomed to garden themed meeting rooms with soft carpeted floors. But before we could pull on the slippers, sit back with a cuppa and enjoy our surreal surroundings there were GSAs to sell!
The session included a presentation from the Google Enterprise Team as well as a GSA demo with some in depth techy details from our side. We were also fortunate enough to feature a client presentation from Kew Gardens to provide a real life case study of exactly how a transition from Mini to GSA will bring improvements to their organisation.

So what is so special about this GSA? The GSA is designed to support all types of companies from small businesses to those requiring complete enterprise solutions. It will continue to perform all the tasks that the Mini used to do but it also has a vast array of features that will help your business look beyond just providing a plain website search engine. Also, software updates for the Mini have slowed over the last few years, whereas the GSA still constantly receives the latest innovations which trickle down from the engineers behind google.com. Some of these new features can really help businesses maximize their return on investment whilst helping users find content quickly and easily.

Some of the GSA’s new distinctive features (apart from its ‘mouse cheese’ appearance) include a higher capacity index (up to 10 million docs for one appliance), free connectors available for SharePoint, Documentum, File Systems and most Databases, advanced security techniques and dynamic navigation capabilities to name a few. If you would like to find out more about the GSA and its features check out our free Whitepaper.

All in all the day was a massive success without an empty chair in the room- plus it’s always pretty cool to brag that you’ve hung out at Google all day!
If you were unable to attend don’t worry you can find out more information about the GSA or our other upcoming events either on our website or please feel free to contact us.

Now for the best part of the day and my own personal highlight – The Google Office Tour…check it out for yourselves!


Image Source: [www.dailymail.co.uk]

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