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ECS & Google Partnership

We are proud to announce we are Google Enterprise partners!

Since its inception, I have been one of Google’s number one fans so I am (personally) very pleased that ECS and Google have partnered together.

Imagine Google. For work. Other than a pay rise, is there any greater wish of employees?

We will act as an extended part of the Google Enterprise team offering value-added search solutions and services for businesses. As it’s Google, you might wonder what extra value we could possibly add (Google is perfect, right?)… well, we have a few ideas for some specific uses of search within our sectors which we will develop further in the upcoming weeks. Apart from that, we will assist organisations with their overall information classification exercises required for successful enterprise search. Plus we’ll roll up our sleeves and get dirty with the techy stuff to ensure that Google Enterprise Search provides real benefits to our customers.

The ECS Google team is busy back in the office getting equipped for the colourful future ahead so watch this space for more developments soon!

About Mollie Luckhurst

Mollie is a Business Development Manager at ECS and the Information Governance Business Unit lead.

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