Google Mini to GSA Migration

Google Mini to Google Search Appliance (GSA)


GSA Vs. Mini

In Summer 2012, Google announced it would streamline its business processes within the enterprise search space in order to concentrate on one product, the Google Search Appliance (GSA). This means that the Google Mini has now been discontinued. Official Google support of the Mini will continue until the end of existing contracts, however once expired, it will not be renewed, and at that point it will become an un-supported product. Existing customers are advised to start thinking about migrating to a GSA.

The GSA is a leading enterprise search solution that offers built-in flexibility, a straightforward deployment architecture, and automatically tuned hardware/software. It contains powerful IT tools around content ingest, security rules, and administration, and integrates with common enterprise applications and major security protocols.


Why Migrate?

Other than Google’s discontinuation of the Mini, there are a multitude of reasons to consider a migration to the GSA. The GSA is designed to support all types of companies from small businesses to those requiring complete enterprise solutions. It will continue to perform all the tasks that the Mini used to do but it also has a vast array of features that will help your business look beyond just providing a plain website search engine.

In addition, software updates for the Mini have slowed over the last few years, whereas the GSA still constantly receives the latest innovations which trickle down from the engineers behind Some of these new features can really help your business maximise your return on investment whilst helping users find content quickly and easily. Once a GSA has been placed within your business you can start to fully realise its potential and expand its search tentacles to parts of the company that the Mini could not.


GSA Features

The key features that can be expected from the GSA include:

  • Higher capacity index, up to 10 million docs for one appliance
  • Free connectors available for SharePoint, Documentum, File Systems and most Databases
  • Advanced security techniques: SSO, Kerberos and SAML
  • Entity recognition
  • Document preview
  • Dynamic navigation capabilities
  • Advanced result biasing
  • Mirroring capabilities for high availability
  • Easily scalable for increased index capacity

The Google Mini is coming to the end of its shelf life and current support contracts will not be renewed once expired. This may leave your business with an unsupported search solution. Now is the ideal opportunity to consider migrating to the GSA and take full advantage of its enterprise capabilities. The GSA’s features and functionality far outweigh those of the Mini and therefore make it an ideal candidate for full scale enterprise search. With increased index capacity, robust connectors, advanced security features and regular innovative free updates it can reach areas of the business that were previously inaccessible by the Mini. ECS is able to offer an exclusive migration package that will not only allow businesses to regain support, but will help guide them through the whole process. In addition, we will make informed recommendations provided by our experienced technical implementation team.

Migration Process

ECS offers a unique migration package to make the transition as easy and hassle free as possible in a timely and professional manner. We are at the forefront of GSA and Mini technology, and being an official Google Partner, we have been fully trained in their advanced migration techniques and have full support from their enterprise search team.

Before the migration commences we can also help you identify areas within your business that will benefit from the advanced functionality of the GSA. Having worked in the content management space for over 10 years, with many high profile successful projects, it has given us incredible insight into how small to large businesses operate.

Our migration package consists of an in depth analysis of your current utilisation of the Mini. We will carefully migrate all Mini configuration settings including frontends, crawl URLs and security settings. Currently there is no way to migrate the index to the GSA, however with the increased ingestion rates of the GSA the content can typically be re-indexed in just a few hours.. All of this can take place while the Mini is still serving current responsibilities and once the index ready on the GSA we perform the seamless switch over to the new appliance. This means that there is little or no downtime for the search functionality.

In addition to the migration of all existing configuration settings, we will also implement the new features that were identified during our analysis stage. This is key to project success and business adoption as the benefits will be instantly apparent. We will also provide additional health checks post migration in order to fine tune the search appliance to provide the most accurate results and to identify any further areas of improvement.


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