ECS Qualifies in the GSA Deployment Specialist Ring

‘Congratulations to ECS consultant Paul Thomas who is now officially recognised as a ‘Google Search Appliance Qualified Deployment Specialist’ by Google Enterprise’.

And look —-> we also get a swanky badge to prove it!

GSA Qualified Deployment Specialist

 The Qualification

The Google Search Appliance Qualified Deployment Specialist Program is offered to Google Enterprise partners who deploy or assist in deploying the Google Search Appliance (GSA).
The certification was designed to validate the knowledge and experience of individuals among its valued search partners, and is the highest certification level possible for GSA partners.
The Qualification itself comprises of 4 training stages that increase in technical difficulty. These include:
• GSA 101: Quick Start
• GSA 102: Intermediate
• GSA 200: Advanced
• GSA 300: Advanced Deployment

Concluded with an online exam of 110 in-depth questions; I think it’s fair to say Paul has skilled himself as our very own GSA Ninja!

Google Search Appliance (GSA)

The Google Search Appliance (a.k.a. the GSA) is a leading Enterprise Search solution that offers built-in flexibility, a straightforward deployment architecture, and automatically tuned hardware/software. It contains powerful IT tools around content ingest, security rules, and administration, and integrates with common enterprise applications and major security protocols.
The GSA is set to provide the ultimate in Enterprise Search, featuring the best of the latest Google technologies to provide a compelling user experience as always reflected within Google’s products- would you expect anything less!?


Your Enterprise Search Needs

As a Google Enterprise Professional Partner, ECS helps companies realize the full potential of the GSA by enhancing the search experience and by providing training and hands-on assistance. If you would like to discuss your own enterprise search needs get in touch for a chat!

Google Enterprise Partner


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