Colt Case Study

I am really pleased that we have built based on the customer journey and not on our internal organisation. I am also really excited by the content management system that we are using which has really made a massive difference to the flexibility and speed in which we are able to publish content .

Carl Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer, Colt screenshot



Colt began its Digital Vision Project to improve the platform resilience and performance, make publishing content easier and devolve publishing to the business users. The main objectives were to produce a standard set of templates, a consolidated content model and a consistent publishing process used by its public facing website and its internal content management system. The project incorporated Colt’s public facing website (, its content management system (CMS) and its portal website.



ECS analysed the existing content, templates and taxonomy before creating a mapping of what material could be reused, consolidated or was required in the new environment. From this understanding, ECS was able to reduce the number of templates by eliminating duplication and enhancing performance of selected templates to extend their use.

Migration activity for was accelerated through the use of ECS automated content migration tools. These tools enabled Colt to easily reuse existing text and images from its 13 language sites in the new platform.



ECS helped Colt to consolidate its metadata from 150 fields to 60 fields, standardise its web templates to reduce them by more than half and reduce publishing time of web content. The project simplified and enhanced the previous platform in regarding content creation, website maintenance, reliability and performance.