Capita Case Study


Capita Plc is the UK’s leading provider of business process management and support service solutions. As part of an overall corporate website re-launch, Capita approached ECS with means of improving their enterprise search functionality. With a vast client portfolio consisting of central government, local government and private sector organisations; a first pain point was the current inability to gain a holistic view of Capita’s 40 business divisions from their public facing site. This, combined with a history of poor search experience the search aspect of their site was in imminent need of a refresh.  The solution had to be minimally invasive and was very much a ‘business centric’ project with a desire for minimal if any IT involvement.


The Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a leading enterprise search solution that extends Google’s award-winning search technology to intranets and websites. With it’s built in flexibility, straightforward deployment architecture and automatically tuned hardware/software the GSA was notably a sound search solution for Capita’s challenges. Satisfying the information needs of both its workforce and the public seeking consumer products and business information, the GSA solution also offered the following features:

Universal Search: The GSA 7.0 helps you find information stored anywhere in the organization, whether you’re using a desktop, smart phone or tablet. Administrators can easily add content sources from secure storage, cloud services or other company websites.

Accurate Search: Speed and relevance are the core components of a great search experience. With GSA 7.0, the relevance signals have been refined so that the most useful information for each particular user is always easy to find.

Entity Recognition: This sophisticated feature automatically identifies and classifies content based on predefined rules. It allows you to use existing, or upload custom, taxonomy lists which are then used to examine the content of documents as it is being indexed thus enriching it with additional metadata. This provides the GSA with automatic content classification abilities which, when coupled with dynamic navigation, gives users powerful tools to find the content they really want.

Dynamic Navigation: Dynamic navigation is an innovative way to refine search results and really allow users to drill down into the search results. It provides faceted navigation panels grouped by category. Users can select one or more attributes to filter the search results for example by price ranges or content types, in order to quickly isolate the exact content they are searching for.

Document Preview: Gain a visual preview of a search result before clicking on it. This means that users no longer need to download a document to see if it is the right one, they can buzz through a list of search results until they see the exact document they want.


The Google Search Appliance (GSA) has provided Capita with universal search across all of the organisations 40 business sites and subsequent content repositories. By pooling their resources in this way has allowed Capita to bring business assets closer together and help to expand opportunities within their markets.

Since implementing the GSA, knowledge content is easily “findable” throughout the organization. Visitors to the public website now have ready access to information through a powerful, intuitive and familiar search experience. Users can now rely on enterprise-level Google search functions and filters to locate and retrieve the information that they need.

In addition, the GSA provides a customized, universally web-accessible user interface that provides a single point for locating, viewing and downloading shared documents throughout the organization. Increased web traffic and an improved and user friendly search interface as provided by the GSA, has most certainly helped contribute to the success of Capita’s overall website re-launch.