Arts Council Case Study

In a relatively short space of time we’ve created a new website/intranet with an online calendar, integrated media bank, personalised content, news function and filter and much more. Furthermore, we’ve installed entirely new ECM onto Arts Council’s challenging infrastructure.

Shiona Hastie, Head of Internal Communications, Arts Council England

Arts Council intranet screenshot



The Arts Council decided to create a common structure and online communication space to meet diverse user interaction and content needs for its 10 sites in England of approximately 1,000 staff. Suitably named “One Place”, the solution would provide one central repository shared and accessible by all users.

Before the project, stakeholders depended on an external agency to update the intranet. This reduced the activity of communication, as the client’s stakeholders required the services of the external agency even for minor content changes, and the turnaround was three days before content was published.




To meet its requirements, the client decided to implement an Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution with the guidance and expertise from ECS. As the integration and solution development partner, ECS delivered an easy-to-use content contribution and publishing platform suitable for the Arts Council’s web content needs in the future. This was achieved by creating a strong taxonomy that accommodated the different publishing and viewing needs and made the best use of Oracle ECM technology to maximize the effectiveness and simplify its administration.



You deserve huge congratulations and thanks. Perhaps the most important contribution of all to creating one organisation, or rather ‘One Place’!

Peter Hewitt, CEO, Arts Council England

The solution fulfilled legislative requirements of disability equality scheme and, as it was the Arts Council, it incorporated an engaging look and feel. The client gained significant benefits from the solution ECS implemented, including a single repository, devolved publishing, improved efficiencies, and an engaging and extendable solution. Intranet publishing time was reduced from three days to seconds and the bottleneck of using an external agency was eliminated by training employees to update web content.